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Alexandra Fryer has visited over 100 different schools giving talks to many young people.

The comments below are from both teachers and students and reflect the genuine opinions of many others who have benefited greatly from both the subject matter and delivery technique Alexandra Fryer provides in her talks.

The Perse Upper School

“As ever, Alex delivered an excellent talk to the upper sixth at The Perse (Upper) as part of the PSHE programme on offer here. Drawing on her experience as a nurse and a mother, she gave informed and pragmatic advice on a wide range of topics (from sexual health to travelling safely and coping effectively with the excitement and pressure of university) with characteristic good humour and charisma. We would certainly welcome her back again.”

Hannah Warner
Head of Upper Sixth and Head of Oxbridge (Arts)
The Perse (Upper) School, Cambridge

Hampton School

“Many thanks once again for coming to speak today; the feedback has been uniformly excellent, both from the staff present and from the boys.”

S A Wilkinson
Senior Tutor, Hampton School

Winchester House School

“Amy was engaging and approachable with us all removing any awkwardness from what is a difficult subject. She displays a humorous and light hearted touch and the nature of her being a stranger meant that we felt very comfortable talking with her.

Consideration was given to our future ensuring safety and the risks that we face made clear within the framework of becoming a teenager. She connected well with her audience removing any embarrassment and displayed a totally professional manner giving us great reassurance for the future.”

James Woodcock
Deputy Head Pastoral Care, Winchester House School

Oundle School

“When Alex visited Oundle to speak to parents on the theme of “Talking to your Children About Sex” the response from parents was very positive.

Parents of all pupil age groups were invited, with several boarding parents travelling long distances, and really appreciated the chance to find out directly from Alex about her contribution to Oundle School’s Sex & Relationships Education, enabling them to feel more confident in opening the conversation with their children as they were given the inside track.

Alex’s combination of professional expertise and personal experience as a parent who has seen teenagers through the tricky years created an informative and relaxed atmosphere, where parents could discuss not only with Alex but each other their views and concerns.

Many parents who were unable to attend were keen for information, and Alex helpfully provided a reading list of good books, latest research and useful links and contacts, which was specifically tailored to our school’s ethos. Feedback from parents was excellent- one mother even suggested that she wanted as much PSHE input as the pupils had as she had enjoyed the session so much!”

Miss Helen FP Machin
Head of Spanish & PSHE

Oakham School

“Oakham had had a long partnership with Alex because she fits our honest, open approach to sex education. I wanted a speaker who would look at the complex emotions involved in relationships and who recognised that decisions about sex were significant milestones in a young person’s development. I wanted older students to have access to unbiased but factually accurate information on topics such as contraception that focused less on the science of how they work but the practical issues presented in a way that allows students to make up their own mind – now or in the future. Alex manages to do this and so much more.

Once described by a student as ‘being like your mum on a day she has her sensible head on’ students not only respect what she has to say but are willing to follow her lead in discussing sex and sexual health in a practical straightforward manner; no giggling; no smuttiness or innuendo. Her talks are inclusive; whether you are sexually active or not; whatever you think your sexuality may be.

Alex takes her role seriously and is always happy to discuss changes and areas we would like to emphasise so I never feel I am subjecting my students to an ‘off the shelf’ overworn talk but something that has been thought about and matched to the needs of my students.”

Viv Lamb Head of PSHE

Woldingham School

Feedback From Pupils

“I think it was one of the best talks we have had! It was useful, and it has made me think more about going into relationships and rushing into intimacy. It was interesting and I think the woman speaking was easy to listen to and seeming welcoming.”


“The talk was very interesting and useful. The speaker interacted with us which made the talk very gripping.

It did change my view of relationships when she was giving us examples of people getting into horrible relationship with people that are untrustworthy.

I have learnt about being more careful about having any relationships with people in the future.

It was a very interesting and successful talk.”


“Great talk. Very useful for group of people our age. This woman made us understand that it is a really responsible decision that we have decide in our life. Impressed by this brave women. I wish we will have more talks about really useful things. It was not boring at all because her speech is very enthusiastic. Thank you very much.”


“I thought this was a very interesting talk with Alex Fryer being a good speaker. It was funny but got across the serious message.

I would recommend this talk for future years, as it has confirmed my views on relationships and let me know there is help there if I ever need it.”


Marlborough College

“Alex has been delivering presentations to Years 10 and 11 at Marlborough College for many years.

Her style is approachable, upfront, honest and compassionate – she draws a clear distinction of style and content between the two yeargroups without losing her essential warmth and sense of connection.

Alex strikes exactly the right balance between familiarity and expert knowledge: her background in health education, and her experience in schools and as a parent, puts her firmly “on the wavelength” on the young people she addresses. Yet she does not go for cheap points – instead she speaks with clear authority, and the warnings she offers about taking risks with sexual and emotional health are made clearly and uncompromisingly. It is very clear that she cares deeply about young people – and this conveys itself quickly to her audience. This, plus her detailed knowledge of legal and health issues, gives her presentation a credibility and impact with the young that lasts well beyond her time at the College.”

Kate Cayley – Head of Boarding

Tonbridge Boys School

“Alex Fryer has been a friend of Tonbridge School for many years now. She is our chosen speaker on Sex and Relationships as part of our PSHE programme, and delivers talks to our Yr 10 and lower sixth boys. Not only is she well qualified and utterly professional, but as a mum, she also recognises the needs of young people in this area of education and delivers age appropriate content in a confident and relaxed style. She also gives an excellent talk to our parent body who find her approach and the talk content both stimulating and interesting. They have an opportunity to discuss the arising issues, and it is clear that they hugely appreciate the work she is doing with their sons.”

Will Biddle

Guildford Girls

“Alex’s down to earth approach to what can be an awkward topic for both teenagers and their parents is hugely refreshing. She provides clear and frank information, suitably appropriate for her audience, with a personal touch that can’t help but to engage her listeners. Feedback from our parents and students is extremely positive, assuring us that we are providing a first class education on this subject that is both practical and useful. I would certainly want Alex to return to our school for further talks.”

Samantha Carr

Bedford Girls’ School

“Alex talked to our Year 13 students.

Alex is a great speaker, presenting in an honest and entertaining manner. The talk ‘Leaving School & Moving On’ provides the students with valuable information as they prepare to embark on the wider world of travel, university and work. The research and information is appropriate, relevant and up-to-date.

I would recommend this talk to your school.”

Pippa Milton Head of PSHE

Loretto School, Edinburgh

“Alex Fryer has been talking to Loretto pupils about ‘Relationships’ for several years now. Her delivery is pupil-centred, honest and relevant to different ages. She has a relaxed style which allows young people to interact and question without feeling patronised. The feedback from our pupils is always excellent and many choose to attend further workshops.”

Elaine Logan – Acting Head

Wellington College

“Alex has spoken at Wellington for a number of years now, as part of our focus on developing strong and positive relationships. Alex delivers a superb talk to our Year 11 students. She pitches the talk at exactly the right level for the students and manages to hold their attention for an hour. Her style is a great mixture of seriousness, important facts, great anecdotes and just the right amount of humour to avoid an important subject becoming too heavy. Alex speaks calmly, with authority and knowledge and she is a very important part of our sex and relationships education programme.”

Ian Morris